Gynecomastia Causes

There are few things so embarrassing to a young adolescent boy, or grown man for that matter, as manboobs. There is no hiding the pendulous chest fat when swimming or at the gym and while garments exist for flattening the chest these are not widely accepted by men.

Manboobs can negatively affect every part of life from exercising to social relationships and while there is a medical term for it, gynecomastia, causes are only just being discovered to explain the increase in this phenomenon.

Hormone imbalance is one of the most recognized gynecomastia causes and will be more pronounced by the use of steroids required to resolve other medical conditions. In these situations the sufferer may have very little extra body fat but the nipple area may have hard fibrous growths that, as well as being painful, can result in chest deformity.

Gynecomastia Causes: Does diet and lack of exercise influence my man boobs?

It is important to realize that overeating and lack of exercise are not the specific gynecomastia causes as treatment needs to be different from the usual form of manboobs.

The hanging fatty breasts that come from being overweight can be reduced by chest exercises and a better diet and for adolescent boys will go away usually as they mature. This condition is known as pseodogynecomastia and will respond to simple targeted programs of exercise as it doesn’t have the accompanying hard mass of tissue build up.

No amount of extra activity can reduce the hard lumps present from the gynecomastia causes relating to hormones and this can usually be traced to an overabundance of estrogen in relation to the normal amounts of male hormone testosterone. For many males the topical application of the hormone DHT can reverse this easily. To look better with just a reduction will at least make the chest look less noticeable.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery is the ultimate way of dealing with the physical outcome of gynecomastia causes, but this is both expensive and can result in a worse appearance with surgical scars.

In recent years, treatment can eliminate the gynecomastia causes completely but when looking for treatments online there are herbal remedies that are both a joke and potentially damaging to the body.

Side effects exist with the DHT hormone as well but they can be eliminated by reducing the dosage and combining supplements to also diminish estrogen levels at the same time.

There are a large number of websites dedicated to all sorts of remedies and their accompanying research on manboobs. FTC regulations require that any site marketing these products clearly states their relationship with the product they are advocating to the consumer.


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